As you step onto this remarkable journey, you are entering a realm of immense transformation and self-discovery. Within you resides a profound wisdom, often subtle yet deeply felt, recognising childbirth as a sacred and multifaceted journey of initiation.

No matter where or how you choose to bring your baby into the world, whether at home, in a hospital or in a tranquil birthing pool; whether it’s your first or third child; whether you’re planning for a natural birth or otherwise, one thing remains essential: unwavering support. This support can transform a typical birthing experience into something truly extraordinary, empowering you at every stage and ensuring you feel cherished and nurtured as you welcome new life. And this support doesn’t end at birth, it continues into the postnatal period, guiding you through the journey of motherhood with grace and confidence

A woman who is walking through her rite of passage needs to be honoured and acknowledged, a place where she can tap into the innate wisdom that lies within her, regardless of the birthing environment. This wisdom is of a higher vibrational living, a place of spiritual centeredness, a place of calm and grounding and of personal awareness.

As a birth and postnatal doula, I find deep fulfillment in providing compassionate support and empowering guidance to mothers on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. My purpose is to create and uphold a sacred and nurturing space where mothers can connect with their inner strength and intuition, allowing them to birth from a place of deep trust and instinct. I am devoted to enriching their experiences, with care and encouragement every step of the way as they navigate the transformative transition from maiden to mother.

Each birth is a profound journey, not just into motherhood, but into the depths of oneself. A NEW YOU. It’s a privilege to be part of such a transformative experience and I am dedicated to bringing light, support, and empowerment to every step of the way.

I feel so blessed to be invited to each and every birth so if you resonate with me and want to find out more, please get in touch – I would love to hear from you.

If you find yourself in need of a compassionate listener, someone to hold space for you, or if you’re seeking a private one-on-one session with me—whether it’s a yoga session, a transformative Breathe To A Better Birth Class, a sacred Mothers Blessing, or a comprehensive 3-month coaching package designed to empower you and bring clarity to your journey—you can always reach out by clicking the contact button. I’m here, dedicated to standing beside you as you embrace your greatness.

And I believe in YOU

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Hi Pam, Wow it was the most heart opening ceremony I have ever experienced. As someone who loves to go to circles, this was on another level. To have all my closest feminine energy around me, share prayers & blessings .. my heart kept opening up like a beautiful rose. I felt so held, so supported, so loved and ready to walk from maiden to motherhood. Read more about Camille’s blessingway here.. . ❤️

I was looking online after searching long for a birth doula to accompany me and my husband to birth our first child at home. I wanted someone spiritual like us and luckily came across Pam’s site. We met her and straight away warmed to her and knew she was the one to come and help us feel empowered and confident to birth at home Read more about Zey’s journey here

Hi Pam, Just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you for Saturday. I was overwhelmed with love and power from the day – I felt so held by you and all of my friends and family. It was such a beautiful space and my soul feels truly nourished. It was incredibly powerful to amongst a group of cherished women, sharing our fears, our vistion and dreams. It was a completely magical day and one that I will always remember. I feel the baby is so lucky to be surrounded by all the love. Thank you for leading it so beautifully from your heart – Shehnal xxxxx

This is what one beautiful mama said about my Breathe to a better birth class…. ‘Wow, I cannot thank you enough! What a great session that was. Thank you for the lovely soul that you are and for sharing your knowledge in such a warm, passionate and caring way. The session was so enlightening, inspiring and uplifting. I am no longer anxious of when I go into labour… click here to read it all.

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Dear Pam, I wanted to really take some time to thank you for such a beautiful day yesterday. I’ve really taken some time to absorb the beauty and energy from yesterday. Without your beautiful spirit, presence and guidance, I know it would have not been more possible and more importantly as magical as it was. It will truly stay with me for the rest of my life and for that, to you, I am ever grateful. I know everyone had a fantastic time and it was such a refreshing new experience for all of us, especially overwhelmingly emotional (in a positive way) – Tanisha

Pam is the most amazing doula and now friend.  We wanted a doula to support myself with a natural birth and also my husband who was present at the birth.  Pam’s ideals, values and approach to birth was exactly the same as ours.  During a very difficult period (we were in lockdown) Pam went out of her way to help me deliver my baby at home, in a safe and relaxed environment.  She insisted it was my right to give birth the way I felt comfortable and helped me to plan not only the physical space i’d give birth in, but also the mental space too.  Her presence helped me to remain calm during my birth and reminded me that I was the one in control.  She helped me to realise how powerful I was, as a woman and as a mother.  I’m so grateful to have found her at the right time.  Thank you so much xx  T.S –  Camden.   

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It was so physically relaxing, deeply emotional and thoroughly satisfying to have your warm hands performing the closing of my body, your wise & loving words in my head and your deep spiritual presence in my house with my baby. Huge thanks for that magical moment of us with the baby and angels in the room, a heart warming chat that released my tensions/thoughts/emotional build up and a motherly hug that melted my heart and lifted my spirits… x Marina Tikitina-Wright