Your own beautiful uniqueness

unique pregnant mum at sunset

Everything about you screams uniqueness and although there are over 7 billion humans alive on this planet, there is no one like you who is carrying a unique and beautiful baby.  Pregnancy is the only event in the Universe that brings two souls in one physical body.   It is a time when two spirits experience the physical dimensions closely together and where you are endlessly connected through your souls.  Only pure and divine love is shared here and how you unfold and express yourself into the your brand new chapter of life is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with your baby.

Your journey can’t be compared to others and is so unique to you.  Just like every blade of grass is different, every grain of sand, every snowflake, so are you unique too, as is your journey.  You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment of time.

Each milestone of your pregnancy will help you develop the necessary qualities to ultimate love so you can feel love and be love.  The journey of pregnancy is the path towards discovery of this energy and ultimately the self discovery of YOU.  It is the true meaning of the emergence of who you are, of how you fulfil this blessing and a great opportunity to witness, learn, grown embrace and feel the love that you are.

Here are some tips to get you going…

  • Try not to compare yourself to others, you are perfect as you are and know that everything is working out exactly how it should be
  • Try not to fill yourself up with other peoples stories, it’s not your story or your journey
  • Connect with your baby as often as possible, baby feels everything and wants to feel your love
  • Create a sacred pregnancy alter and place special items that mean something to you on there
  • Build on your pregnancy practice every day, even if it’s for 10 mins
  • Celebrate and honour your pregnancy journey with a blessingway ceremony
  • Nurture yourself with wholesome foods, thoughts, prayers and yoga (or any form of exercise)
  • Knowledge is power so keep yourself informed on various pregnancy issues
  • Release all anxieties, do your inner work & empower your self with positive feelings
  • Fill yourself up with things that makes you happy and embrace the changes in your body, you truly are so beautiful inside and out
  • Manage your thoughts and know that you are enough!
  • If fear arises or even doubts, feel your way through them, move into your heart space and and feel from that perspective instead of your mind
  • Indulge in pampering yourself – carrying a baby in your body is warrior work and a little body loving is just what you’ll need to get going
I really do believe a pregnancy practice is important… As you walk your path and as you build up your practice every day, you’ll awaken your inner gateways of divinity.  You’ll also blossom and establish your full sacred centre.   This will also help you stand in your power and live a life of conscious awareness.  Try and be open in your spirit because as women our strength is in the spiritual realms.  We know that we always feel things from our womb and it’s all inside of us, that wisdom and truth. This will serve you with that inner knowing so when you step into birth you’ll be able to tap into yourself with the awareness that you would’ve learned along the way. Furthermore, it will help sustain you into motherhood and will help bring more awareness to every day life.