Walking the Labyrinth

As a busy working mum, the one thing I would like more of in my day is time…Time to just be, time to stop and clear my mind of the planning and organising that busy family life requires. Meditation has always appealed to me and before my children were born I found this to be an important and rewarding part of my life. Since having children I simply do not have the time to practice this and have also found the part of my mind that is always planning and organising, it’s impossible to quieten! This is where the labyrinth comes in…

Labyrinths are based on sacred geometry – they are designed to bring rest, order, comfort, and harmony to the mind, something us busy mums could all do with! Whilst walking through the labyrinth, the chattering, worrying “monkey-mind” becomes occupied with the action of simply following the path, this then leaves you free to explore the intuitive, deeper levels of awareness or to simply have some ‘piece of mind’ from our busy lives.

When Pammie and I found the mystical Labyrinth at Tofte Manor we didn’t know that much about it’s purpose or history, so we just simply walked around as we instinctively felt we should. After walking to the center we both felt lighter, calmer and also a bit in awe, our natural instincts were right as there is no hidden purpose; simply walking the labyrinth is it’s main purpose… Whilst walking the labyrinth my mind and body were occupied in the simple act of reaching the center, therefore allowing the ‘busy mummy brain’ to have a rest.

Unlike a maze that it is designed to make you lose your way, the Labyrinths purpose is to help you find your way.  There are no false turns, by simply putting one foot in front of the other you will arrive at the center. The tradition is to walk the path to the centre whilst meditating or praying, stay there a while and then walk out again. The only challenge in walking a labyrinth is to let go of trying to see ahead and simply follow the path. It is a process of letting go – an element of most forms of meditation. There is no “right” way to walk a labyrinth.

Walking the labyrinth is a personal journey, for me just having a moment in time to quieten my thoughts was my purpose. You could walk to the empty center and get something you feel you do not yet have, or you can leave something in the center that you no longer need. You can walk to release blocks, to pray, to answer a question, to see what comes up, to set an intention, to forgive, to meditate, to share, to celebrate, to renew creativity, to reduce stress and to listen for guidance… You can simply walk in wonder…. You can simply walk in awe…. Or you can wonder as you walk.

Whatever your intention I hope walking the Labyrinth is a rewarding and uplifting experience for you as it was for me– enjoy!  We will be walking labyrinths at our 3 day residential pregnancy retreats.  We would love for you to join us





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