Tiredness in pregnancy

Tiredness in pregnancy Tiredness, during pregnancy might not even come close to quite how physically exhausted you may feel when pregnant especially during the first and third trimesters.

Let’s face it this sort of tiredness is not something most of used and can take a toll on everything like doing mundane things.  You might find it so difficult, even impossible to do normal everyday tasks and that’s even before you are showing your beautiful bump.

The reasons for pregnancy fatigue are physiological.  Yes your body is being flooded with amazing hormones but also take a moment to think about what your body is doing…

From the moment you conceive and in the first trimester, you are growing a new human being but also a new organ that will sustain that tiny little life inside of you.  Yup, creating a placenta is hard work and does many jobs all in one go (a bit like us women who can multi-task amazingly).  It’s blood rich with nutrients, feeds your baby and supplies oxygen too.  It takes away the waste products from your little one so your baby which your own body can dispose of them, it creates hormones which your baby needs to develop and grow well and it protects your baby from bacteria too. And you and your body are doing it all by yourself.  WOWSERS!!

No wonder you’re feeling tired! Often mamas will come out of this tired phase as they enter the second trimester and then you’ll be glowing.

However the tiredness can creep back in the third trimester.  By this point, your body will be adapting to your growing baby.  Your little one is of course bigger and taking energy from you all day, every day.  Furthermore with all the countless trips to the loo during the middle of the night doesn’t help too..

Well what can I do?

Tis a bit obvious but when you feel tired, Sleep!  Obvious but not always practical or possible though I can hear you say.tiredness in pregnancy

Many women who are pregnant might have a job and countless other things on their mahoosive daily to do list.  Some women might have other children to look after and a job too and countless things to do on their to do list.

It’s very hard living a normal busy life whilst pregnant and I remember it so well back in the day…

The good news is that there are some things that will help ease the tiredness.

Relax – the obvious one is still to rest, when ever you can and listen to your body.  If it wants to rest, then rest.

Take multi vitamins (make sure it’s the right ones for pregnancy).  I love Floradix liquid iron formula and still take it when I need a bit of a ‘pick me up’. It’s great for when you’re breastfeeding too  (note:  If your iron levels are low and you’re taking iron tablets, check with your doctor/midwife first).  It’s completely natural and filled with vitamins and nutrients.

Prioritise with what needs to be done first today and what can wait.  If it can wait then let it.  It doesn’t matter if the washing hasn’t been done or the toys are scattered everywhere, it can wait.  If you’re working then be sure to take frequent breaks, maybe find a quiet space and have a cat nap if you can.

Get some help, even if it’s for a few hours.  It will make a big difference. Maybe you could get a takeaway or get a cleaner in.Pregnant woman doing yoga

Eat well and exercise.  Keep yourself topped up with 3 nutritious meals with snacks in between, making sure you eat little but often.  Avoid quick pick me ups filled with sugary stuff.  You need to keep your blood levels balanced.  To find out what’s really good to eat during pregnancy – check out this article here.

Drink plenty of water and fluids, your energy levels will sap if you become dehydrated, but do limit your caffeine intake.

Excercise! Do gentle excercises like yoga or pilates.  I LOVE yoga (so much so that I’m training to become a yoga teacher).  Not only is good for the mind, body and spirit but it also helps you adjust to the physical demands of pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood.  An all good rounder!