Spring Time

Spring time has sprung and as we walk the path of change I believe it’s such a magical time of the year.

It’s a time for rebirth and renewal, growth and discovery and what better time to sow the seeds for new beginnings.

As I walked through the woods on a crisp Sunday morning with my family I was struck by the essence of the forever changing natural beauty that surrounds us. I’ve walked these woods many times before but this time I felt really present and was IN the moment, really listening to the magical sound of the beat… to mother nature herself.

The birds were singing their songs, two Kites were soaring the skies and I stopped to take in the pure white snowdrops with their droopy little heads. The bluebells were starting to poke their heads through the mulch, the crocuses were showing off their medley of colors, the daffodils were starting to open their buds and my favourite flower of all time the hyacinth was starting to open up.

We circled and felt the energy of the trees, standing strong and proud, deeply rooted into the earth and looked in awe at the patterns on a particular tree that seemed to tell its own story of times gone by. We appreciated the untamed free flowing trees that were entwined with each other which told a tale only they would know about and the beautiful wild flowers carpeted the terrain.


The boys were running around stomping, laughing, discovering and climbing trees, while my girl was happily skipping long the unbeaten windy path…

It occurred to me that as we enter Spring and welcome in the longer days, the cycle of the butterflies, bees and bugs that will float and buzz around us, I am reminded of the beauty of transformation. How we grow ourselves, our little ones, our lives through every season and every challenge. It’s really about who we want to be in this world, how we want raise our children.

bud 2

As I write this and look out my window watching Blue Tits flying around I am filled to the rim in gratitude. I know that this seed called ‘Pregnancy Retreats’ has just sprouted, and will no doubt transform and blossom into something beautiful. It’s all really about being present and going with the flow and trusting that all will turn out how it’s meant to be. As this seed comes from the core of our hearts and as we raise our vibrations and send them out with deep love, we will blossom untamed into the world and we will BE.

May you grow and transform into what your heart desires: seed it, plant it, nurture it, love it, grow it and OWN it.

In gratitude