Mala Necklaces


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I love crystals and semi precious stones, my home is scattered with them everywhere.  I also love getting creative and making beautiful, stunning hand knotted mala necklaces.  These are so lovingly handmade & knotted by myself and there’s nothing more special than picking out beads and making them into something beautiful, something sacred and something that will make you feel so good. It takes me a good few hours to make them but I  so love to create something which is so meaningful and so beautiful.  The mala necklaces are made up with 108 semi precious beads, and they can range from just about anything from rudraksha beads, mother of pearl, multicoloured amazonite beads, white howlite, moonstone, blue goldstone, hematite, rose quartz and crystals, turquoise, agate stones, blue lace agate and many more semi precious stones. These semi precious beads have various healing elements to it and may be used as a meditation mala or just worn as a beautiful and stunning necklace.  I usually use 6mm or 8mm AAA+ or AA+ beads which means these are really high quality!  Even the crystal rhinestone diamante spacers are top quality.   The number 108 has a spiritual significance in hinduism/buddhism and when a mantra or chant is repeated 108 times the person meditating is believed to be connected deeply with the spirit of the Universe.

This stunning mala necklace has been made with so much love and pure intentions.  Made with top quality 108 semi precious stones, it really is a beautiful piece of jewellery.  Made with love and charged with reiki it has blue lace agate, white howlite, rose quartz with diamante rhinestone spacers.