Postnatal Doula Service

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Time flies so quickly during the early, precious days and it’s so important to just nurture and bond with your newborn and enjoy those moments…

As your postnatal doula, I’ll be there as often as necessary to help you adjust to life as a new mummy, listen to worries, offer practical advice, help with breast or bottle feeding and do small jobs round the house.

I can look after any older children (if you have any) while you have quality time with the baby or I could also entertain all the kids while you catch up on some sleep or just get a bath,  put a wash on or even iron some clothes. I will be there if you need a shoulder to cry on and someone to share the many highs with. Most importantly, I will be there to encourage you to find your own way embracing motherhood.   I’ll help ease your anxieties if you have any, empowering you and your family and I’ll  give you the confidence to face anything motherhood throws at you.

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postnatal doula support

I can help you on your new journey for as many hours as you like (normally during school hours) and ease some of the burden of everyday chores, guiding you and sharing with you.

From my own experience with my 3 kids, I’ll draw on my knowledge and encourage you to develop your own mothering skills and your new important role.

I can guide you on things like sleep patterns, routines, bathing, changing and swaddling and help with light house work and of course with your other kids (if you have any).

If you decide to book me, my fees are £20 per hour + travel (if outside 3 mile radius)

I  also do a beautiful Sealing/closing of the bones ceremony and Bengkung Belly Bind service. Take a look here for much more info.



Bengkung Bellybinding Kit available to purchase - Service also offered
Bengkung Bellybinding Kit available to purchase – Service also offered

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