Mama & Baby Blessings with Cacao & Despacho

Now that your beautiful baby has arrived earthside, it’s the perfect time to embark on a heartwarming journey of Mother and Baby Blessings. In these precious ceremonies, you’ll have the opportunity to hold your little one close, celebrating the profound connection between mother and child. You can choose to begin with a nurturing Cacao ceremony, cradling your baby in your arms as you deepen your bond.

And if you’re drawn to deeper layers of symbolism and spirituality, I invite you to consider complementing this with a meaningful Despacho ceremony, adding layers of love, gratitude, and spiritual connection to this beautiful moment.

A Despacho ceremony is a beautiful and ancient ritual originating from the Andean region of Peru. It is a deeply symbolic and spiritual practice used to create a physical offering or prayer bundle as a way of harmonising with the natural world, expressing gratitude, setting intentions, and seeking blessings from the universe and establish harmony with nature and the spiritual realms.

During a Despacho ceremony, we offer various symbolic elements on a piece of paper and these elements can vary from flowers, herbs, leaves, seeds, sweets, pulses nuts and other offerings, each with its own significance. The ceremony participants often infuse their intentions, prayers, and gratitude into these offerings.

The Despacho is then carefully bundled or folded into a packet, and it is often burned or buried, returning the offerings to the Earth as a gesture of reciprocity with the natural world. The ceremony is believed to restore balance and bring blessings to individuals, communities, and the Earth itself.

This will allow you to express your gratitude and set powerful intentions for your journey ahead with your new bundle of joy. You can choose to include this alongside your Cacao ceremony or savour it as a standalone experience creating a profound connection between you, your baby and our beautiful Mother Earth. Either way it will be a beautiful experience, moments of deep love and gratitude and celebration of this new chapter in your life.

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