Filtering out the negatives & having active faith

You find out your pregnant!  Yay! Congratulations 🙂

You go for your first prenatal check up all excited and take a long list of questions.  You want to know all these things about your pregnancy, birth and beyond and want best for you and your baby.

After a mahoosive long wait in the waiting room, you’re rushed through a 8 min appointment. It’s cold and sterile and there’s no intimate conversation. Just the routine stats of questions, diameter of your belly and your weight taken by a nurse.

The list of questions you brought to discuss with you is pushed to one side as time is of essence and your doc tells you that you can talk about them at a later time.

The same thing happens again at your next visit.

You start asking questions to friends and family, you start surfing the internet and looking for answers by yourself but theres so much conflicting advice out there.  You begin to get worried and feel unprepared.

You begin to question your inner voice and stop listening to your gut feelings.  Instead of focusing on what you want, you begin to wonder.

What if all the worst case scenarios happen to me, what if, what if, what if. Sound familiar?

Well what can you do?

To start with, you need to filter out all negatives stories, stop watching one born every minute, stop listening to other peoples stories and start inspiring yourself.

Start educating and  doing your research from experienced birth educators and start empowering yourself with positive outcomes.

Visualise your birth as calm, joyful and happy.

Stand firm and unapolgetically for the birth that you desire and deserve and re-claim back your power.  Remember your intuition is strong.

Once you recognise the flow of love and abundance within you and during the entire pregnancy journey, you will be in alignment with the divine energy within you.

Yes it can be a bumpy roads, but it’s how you interpret things.   You can change things around.  I love to see it like this:  We are all diamonds with different facets.  Sometimes we look out the facet that’s not as sparkly or clean or shiny.  What we would need to do is clean it up, make it sparkle and shine again so we can see clearly through and with the eyes of love.

What if this happens, what if that happens, what if, what if, what if.


I hear it all the time and it’s completely natural to feel like this because it’s the uncertain!  You don’t know whats going to happen in the future, no one does.  But what we can do is fill ourselves up with Source energy, God, infinite wisdom (what ever you would like to call it) and surrender and trust that everything will turn out for the best of and greater good of the situation no matter what appears.   It’s about aligning with our desires and and practice active faith.  Yes it’s also important that you prepare and fill yourself up empower yourself with knowledge do your homework but it’s also important to trust and surrender.  

To stay in the flow and surrender is a process called active faith.

Set your intention to filter out anything that’s not your story.   It might be their stories but it’s not yours.  Only align with what resonates with you.

The key is to then channel your energy and vibration into the outcome as if it’s already happened (love a bit of manifesting). Align with your desires and outcomes and practice active faith in order to help with the process.

I believe that once you learn how to ride the wave of of not knowing what’s coming next, trusting and surrendering then you can activate the energy of being present having deep faith that it will all work out and that’s where magic truly happens.

Give a try and let me know how you get on!