Circle Time

Circle time… Women used to sit in circles, around fires, sewing or weaving together.  They used to sit in sacred circles where their souls were fed by the nourishment of belonging.  Some women still do, and we need to.  Circles heal, uplift, and empower.

I love sitting in circles and confess I’m a bit circle mad, if there’s a circle happening, I want to be in it.  Opening circles, closing circles, sharing circles, volunteer circles.  I’ve sat in circles for nearly 12 years now, with different groups, at home with my family.  I’ve even dragged my friends in there and once they are in the circle, they see the magic that unfolds and all that it brings and they are then hooked…


I do circles at bedtimes, evenings and weekends whenever it suits us or when it’s needed. We have circles at ‘special times’, like the full moon, new moon, New Years Eve, Birthdays etc. We circle trees and the list goes on….

Sometimes, at bedtimes, my three children and I sit in a circle and we share our day, our concerns.  It’s warm, it’s welcoming and it’s nurturing.  It’s a place of belonging. We talk about things that are bothering each one of us and we figure out resolutions.

We always bring something to the circle and put it in the middle.  Something poignant, that means something to us at that moment. We call upon angels, unseen friends and family, we sing, we pray together, we chant, we do aums, we do angel cards, we release, we bring in strength, we tell stories and we do it together, as a family.

There is magic in circles, which draws us in.  It’s creating a sacred space, speaking from the heart, listening with compassion, inviting silence and we keep all that happens in the circle to ourselves.  We never share with anyone else apart from who’s in the circle.

I truly believe that sitting in circles is a healing force and every woman should be in one. It’s is a way of talking together in which everyone is respected and treated equally, where everyone has the opportunity to speak without interruption, where stories are told from the heart and where people listen deeply.

It can be used to achieve greater mutual understanding, to work through differences or making decisions together, repair, heal and build relationships. It’s a place where everyone, regardless of role or status, age or experience is considered of equal importance, with an equal voice.

In indigenous practice, rituals are used to open and close a circle.  This symbolic gesture marks a transition in time and space, through helping to weave the fabric of community, through shared experience. The circle can grow or it can get smaller, but still it’s a circle.  It’s been around as long as we have and there’s so much beauty and magic in sitting in one.

Circles, with their very shape, connect us to the cycle of life, to the seasons, the sunrise and sunset.  The moon and stars all do the same movements, in a circle.

The wind, in its greatest power, whirls, and the birds builds its nest in circles too.

Circles have more space than another other shapes. In them, we can go on entire journeys, without ever leaving our seat. We are in the womb, encased as all equals, all connected.


At our  inspirational pregnancy retreats, we will sit in circles, sharing and caring, releasing and bringing in strength.  We will support and empower and we will weave magic and beauty in your lives.

May you find a your tribe of sisterhood to share, where a sacred space will be held, and may you be seen and celebrated, maybe even in a circle…

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