Cacao Ceremonies

Food of the Gods

Cacao is an Ancient Plant Medicine used by various cultures for thousands of years as a way of connecting to Spirit. She is an ally that opens our hearts and guides our way. I’ve immersed myself as a shamanic apprentice in the embrace of this sacred medicine and completed a deep and comprehensive facilitation programme, which has transformed me.

The ceremonial space is adorned with loving intention where the cacao’s warm elixir is served with reverence. With each sip, we invite the spirit of the cacao to guide us inward and to traverse the realms of our own consciousness. 

As the cacao weaves its gentle magic, it unlocks the door to our heart space. With every breath, the walls that we’ve unconsciously built around our emotions begin to crumble away and we find ourselves in a space of love. 

The shamanic journey that unfolds is a dance between the physical and the spiritual, a merging of energies that encourages profound insights. We meet our inner selves, and perhaps even encounter ancestors or spirit guides who offer guidance. The heart, now unburdened, expands with each beat, releasing stored emotions and making room for love, compassion and healing.

In the cocoon of this ceremonial space, we experience the alchemical transformation of cacao, intention, and spirit. The heart’s whispers become louder, and its language is felt in every fibre of our being. We emerge from the ceremony with a newfound sense of lightness, connectedness, and gratitude.

The journey continues as the ceremony’s effects ripple through our days, reminding us that our heart’s centre is a sacred compass, guiding us toward a life filled with authenticity and love.

Come join me in a beautiful cacao ceremony where you’ll experience the heart-opening magic of this sacred medicine, guiding you on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Next Ceremony will take place online – This is a FREE event as a gift to my heart to to yours. 15th October @6pm GMT (+1) – contact me to get a zoom link

In person event – I will be facilitating this in my beautiful yurt in Denham, UB9, UK on the 22nd October at 2pm. We will be drinking this beautiful medicine, connecting with Pachamama and you’ll receive a beautiful soundbath with crystal bowls.

Investment will be £25. Places are very limited so please contact me to book