Blessingway Ceremony/Mother Blessings

Blessingway Ceremony/Mother Blessings Imagine for a moment being enveloped by a river of blessings in your final weeks of pregnancy and being surrounded by the women you love and trust.  Picture fellow mums, grandmothers, sisters, best friends, aunties, daughters, all gathered to celebrate and uplift you. They’ve all gathered with so much love to empower, uplift and encourage you as you walk your path  into your remarkable journey into motherhood.  

Visualize feeling the unwavering support of your ‘tribe’ holding you in their thoughts and prayers every step of the way as you enter and step into the sacred portal of motherhood, an opening to the sacred and spiritual journey, where every moment is a testament to the infinite depth of love and the boundless grace of nurturing life. 

This, my dear sister, is the essence of a Blessingway ceremony—a Mother blessing that is profoundly special, empowering, and transformational. It’s the one thing that can offer you immense support during this incredible journey.

A Blessingway ceremony, known also as a Mother blessing, is a sacred gathering that resonates deeply with the spirit and heart. It brings together a circle of women, and sometimes men, to share, celebrate, and empower the mother-to-be as she prepares to embark on the profound journey of childbirth and motherhood.

In this sacred space, the intention is to symbolise the boundless love and unwavering support being extended to the mother, creating an environment of profound transformation and spiritual awakening. It’s a ceremony that transcends religious boundaries, honouring the mother’s unique belief system and connecting her with the spiritual essence of motherhood.

Derived from the ancient Navajo tradition, each Blessingway ceremony is a unique tapestry woven with intention and guided by the desires of the mother. Elements such as smudging with the sacred palo santo cleanse the energy, while the circle itself symbolises unity and continuity.

Within this circle, blessings, poems, and positive birth stories are shared, enveloping the mother-to-be in a cocoon of inspiration. Empowering words, songs, and stories are woven into the tapestry, each thread binding her to the spiritual essence of motherhood.

The honouring aspect of the ceremony is a sacred dance of nurturing. It may involve gentle massages, the creation of intricate flower headdresses, the ancient art of henna belly painting, or the crafting of a sacred altar. All are gestures of devotion and respect.

Some Blessingways incorporate gift-sharing, where tokens of inspiration and encouragement are offered, infusing the ceremony with love and sacred intention.

One of the most cherished traditions is the creation of a birthing necklace or bracelet. Each guest brings a bead imbued with personal significance, weaving together a necklace or bracelet that will accompany the mother through her birthing journey. These beads hold the collective wishes, love, and blessings of the circle, an ever-present reminder of the profound support surrounding her.

Symbolic rituals, such as the passing of a red string that binds each participant, are performed to signify the deep connection shared among all present. This red thread, worn until the baby’s birth, becomes a symbol of unity and love.

As the ceremony draws to a close, a communal feast is shared. This act of breaking bread together not only nourishes the body but also symbolises the grounding of the sacred experience, helping participants transition from the spiritual to the earthly plane, yet never severing the bond created during this profoundly spiritual journey.

Each Blessingway is a unique spiritual experience, lovingly crafted to honour the mother’s desires and spiritual aspirations. It’s a celebration of love, a testament to the divine within, and an affirmation of the sacred rite of passage into motherhood.

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If you feel called to have a mothers blessing ceremony organised and facilitated, my heart and soul is ready to guide you through this deeply spiritual and transformative journey. I will tailor every aspect to your needs, ensuring that you are surrounded by love, blessings, and the purest intentions as you step into the spiritual realm of motherhood.

I live in Buckinhamshire and happy to travel to London, Hertfordshire, Bedforshire and surrounding areas xx



Hi Pam, wow it was the most heart opening ceremony I have ever experienced. As someone who loves to go to circles, this was on another level. To have all my closest feminine energy around me, share prayers & blessings .. my heart kept opening up like a beautiful rose. I felt so held, so supported, so loved and ready to walk from maiden to motherhood. The pampering, the bath salt creation, the red thread that connects us all .. wow every little element of the ritual made me feel so empowered.

Thank you for facilitating this for me, it was everything I could ever have dreamt of and more. ❤️

Hi Pam, Just wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you for Saturday.  I was overwhelmed with the love and power from the day – I felt so held by you and all my friends and family.  It was such a beautiful space and my soul feel truly nourished.  It was incredibly powerful to be amongst a group of cherished women, sharing our fears, our visions and dreams.  It was a completely magical day and one that I will always remember.  I feel the baby is so lucky to be surrounded by all the love. Thank you for leading it so beautifully and from you heart – Shehnal xxxxx

Crowning the mother

Dear Pam, I wanted to really take some time to thank you for such a beautiful day yesterday. I’ve really taken some time to absorb the beauty and energy from yesterday.  Without your beautiful spirit, presence and guidance, I know it would have not been more possible and more importantly as magical as it was.  It will truly stay with me for the rest of my life and for that, to you, I am ever grateful.  I know everyone had a fantastic time and it was such a refreshing new experience for all of us, especially overwhelmingly emotional (in a positive way).   Lots of love to you and your family,  Big hugs – Tanisha x

I was looking for a meaningful way to celebrate my sister and brother-in-law’s exciting new chapter as parents-to-be and Pammie went above and beyond for us. The Blessingway ceremony was so beautiful and tailored to our needs in every way. We had a mix of male and female attendees, and it was no problem for Pammie, who made everyone feel at ease and guided us through a peaceful ceremony for the parents-to-be. If you’re reading this and wondering if Pammie is the Doula for you – I would highly recommend booking her for your Blessingway and being as open and honest about your needs as Pammie will find a way to tailor the day to your needs. Thank you, Pammie – we’re all still feeling the love from the day! Cherry xx

Honouring the mum to be

I expected my blessingway ceremony to be filled with peace, love and light, it was everything I’d wished for and more. It truly exceeded my every expectations. Pam is an amazing and kind soul, she emailed all my guests with invites and order of the day and totally made me feel at ease with the whole process leaving me to focus on me.  Finding Pam was a true blessing, there are no words than could possibly express my appreciation. My guests are still talking about how wonderful she was and how they loved my blessingway ceremony. It is my powerful desire that every woman be blessed in this way and have Pam host their special day! A deeply magical experience! Cristal XOXO

It was an absolutely brilliant ceremony.  It really helped me to see the love and support I have around me and I feel so different.  Thank you so much for holding it – Vicky Rosa x

Thank you so much for an incredible ceremony. We all had such an amazing time and felt the support from everyone. Natasha xx

Hi Pam, Thank you so so much for facilitating such a beautiful and magical day. Truly it was one of the most special days of my life and I will cherish it forever. I am deeply grateful for the lightness and authenticity you brought to the day. Magical. – Holly Philips xxx

Over the next few weeks (if not months!) Pam was amazing.  She poured so much time, love and energy into preparing the ceremony, chatting to me about what I wanted, making suggestions, finding alternatives, tailoring it just so.   She sent out beautifully designed invites and an order of service to all my guests and even drove over to my house to meet me in person and get a feel for the space.  On the day itself Pam spent 2 hours with me  settling in, helping to ground me, setting up and getting ready.  As for the ceremony itself, it’s hard for me to describe how much it meant to me.  How special it was.  How touched, honoured and loved I felt and still do.  It was absolutely and totally amazing and the best thing I have done the whole way through my pregnancy…and I’ve done a lot of preparation!  Every little touch from the practical (bringing her own chairs and altar bits and bobs) to the spiritual (smudging, invocations…too many to mention) and the supportive (bunting for guests to write encouraging messages on to look at during labour).

I’d heard of a blessingway or mother blessing ceremony before because a few of my friends in America and elsewhere had had them, and as I grew more and more pregnant I also had the increasing sense that I wanted to experience something like it for myself.  Whilst I wanted a more ‘traditional’ baby shower for various reasons I also had the strong sense that it wasn’t quite going to cut it in terms of what I needed for me at this point in my life and my pregnancy as I made the last few steps to the huge job of giving birth and becoming a mother.  I stumbled upon Pam’s pregnancy retreats on facebook and immediately got in touch.  As it turned out though it didn’t look likely that a retreat with a group of like minded, equally pregnant ladies was going to be an option.  But instead of leave it there Pam went out of her way to suggest she run me my very own blessingway, exactly how I needed it, just for me.  I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have found her and knew there would have been no way I could had had this experience without that suggestion.

It was such an intensely emotional day and exactly what I needed to really make the transition from busy working woman to calm, centred and grounded mother ready to birth my baby confidently in the knowledge that I am surrounded by love. I feel about 100lbs lighter and I honestly cannot thank Pam enough for everything she did, for all her ideas and for pulling the day together so beautifully.  It brings tears to my eyes and a smile to my face every time I think back to it, which I do, often. Thanks Pam, you truly are an angel  xx- Emma L, Maidenhead x