About Birth Doulas

The concept of a birth doula is rooted in ancient wisdom. A doula, typically a woman experienced in childbirth, serves as a steadfast companion throughout labor, offering unwavering support to both the mother and father. With practical care, loving kindness and a comforting presence, she understands the intricate journey of labor, bridging the gap between hospital staff and the birthing family.

As your birth doula, I’ll hold a sacred space for you to discover your rhythm and inner strength, enabling you to birth in alignment with your desires and instincts. I’ll offer words of encouragement, a comforting touch, or even engage in activities like dancing or singing, always attuned to your preferences. I’ll be there with cooling comforts and the assurance that each surge brings you closer to meeting your baby.

I’ll facilitate communication and understanding between you, medical professionals, and your midwife while never replacing the role of your spouse or midwife. Together, we create the perfect support team. I’ll join you in active labor (typically at 3-4cm dilation) and remain by your side throughout, empowering and supporting you in every way possible. For more information on my birth services, please refer to here


By having a doula by your side, remarkable transformations occur:

  • First-time labours can be 25% shorter.
  • The likelihood of a Caesarean birth is reduced by 50%.
  • Epidural requests decrease by 60%.
  • Forceps deliveries drop by 40%.
  • The need for pain medication or interventions diminishes.
  • Fathers are empowered to participate with confidence.
  • Successful breastfeeding becomes more attainable.