Spiritual Doula

Holly Sierra-Madre Natura W-1

  Somewhere inside every woman is a deep knowing, even if it’s barely conscious that birth is a multi-layered mysterious rite of passage.
I’ve always felt a knowing deep within my soul…
A calling that I was here for a mysterious reason, a purpose to share inspiration and to serve mums through pregnancy and birth and then beyond. Through twists of fate I came across the world of doula’s.  Something stirred in my heart and I knew this was the path I was to walk upon.  Walking this road as a birth worker is a sacred priviledge and truly an honour.  I see it as bearing and offering myself as a witness and to hold the space for the birthing women.  It’s about ‘filling her cup’ and guiding her and watching her  blossom and grow into something beautiful, which her birthright.  It’s about making her journey into a deeper and richer experience with insights, knowledge and wisdom I have gained along my journey.

I see birth as an opening; opening spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  It’s deep and raw, it’s sacred and beautiful and there’s a soulful beauty found in the depths in bringing forth new life. As you embark on the most amazing and magical journey know that within you lies the potential to rebirth yourself as well.  It’s your unique journey. You don’t have to have any religious beliefs to know that there is something quite immense behind the birth of a child.   You are growing a baby within you and it’s happening without you even thinking about it.  It’s been gifted to you and  it’s about accepting it, honouring it and celebrating it. 

Some women have fears about birth, try and go within and try figure what they are, break down the issue and release, let them go step by step and just take a moment to think if they are really yours or someone else’s stories? Know that in your moments of deepest fears, lives your deepest love too and you can choose who will win in those moments. You can harness any uncertainty or fear and mould it into that which gives you power.   Release and banish the self doubt.

I feel that every woman should go deep within and find that innate power that lies within all of us, our true essence. Often we give away our power without even realising that we are doing it. Reclaim it and own it. You are a powerful woman of creation. Go past limitations and know you are an infinite being, where possibilities are boundless.

Empower and enrich yourself with things that you resonate with, things that make your heart sing with joy. Nourish and nurture your body and soul and send beautiful messages to your baby and send your baby love.

CharmedWFor me it’s about trying to live the beauty way, and I don’t mean the outside. Beauty is about the depth with which something touches us. It’s about bearing witness to the beauty within us, in others and around us. It’s about finding your unique voice and filling up all your senses…. listening to a song, singing, reading a poem, smell, touch or textures. It’s about having gratitude and bringing joy and sweetness to your heart and soul and treasuring it, letting your light shine bright. It’s about going that extra mile to make the space you are in a little more beautiful than before you got there.

Embrace and deepen your relationship with yourself, love yourself. Shift your focus and energy towards positivity and love so that the universe can hear you calling…

Sometimes we loose our way through crooked and windy paths, but that’s ok – it’s our journey and we are meant to go through that experience to learn and grow, but try and and find a blessing in everything and know that you are unfurling and growing like a beautiful moonflower.  It’s our kismet but know that spiritual beauty is what the heart craves. When it is upheld and proclaimed and when we connect deeply to ourselves, then life flows beautifully. It’s about acknowledging, embracing and honouring where we are at this moment and living in a higher vibration, a place of heart centeredness, a place of peace and grounding. 

It’s about committing to your own personal growth with a vision to walk through this in your whole life, not just your pregnant one. This is where empowerment lies and this will give you the gift of birthing using your deepest instincts, your own inner wisdom.

It’s being able to tap into the deep knowing within your soul and to feel the bloodline of all the woman who came before you, that walked the path to motherhood.  It’s about knowing this wisdom is within you and carrying that with you, as you pass through the threshold from maiden into motherhood.

We are all connected with each other, the universe and all that is…  Feel the raw and rugged soils under your feet and take time to listen to the magical sound of the beat, to mother nature herself and remind yourself and be conscious of how wonderfully mindblowing it all really is.  Not just mamahood but life too… Gather your tribe and get the support you need, for feeling supported will make your birth so much more easier and joyful. As you go through childbirth, surrender and trust that the body knows exactly what to do…  It’s about really being present in your body and not your head and knowing that you and your baby are doing the dance that you need to, at that moment in time.

Artwork by Holly Sierra www.hollysierra.com