Connecting with your baby

Every mother in the universe knows that there is no other feeling like holding your baby for the first time.  There are no words to describe that feeling when that deep connection occurs.  In that moment, time stops and everything and everyone in the world just fades away.  You’re in a blissful haze and time stands still…

Connection and connecting with your baby is one of the most important things any pregnant mama can do.  Sending warmth and love to your unborn will be felt, deeply.  Touching and holding your beautiful bump, sending vibrations of adournment, love and positivity are one of the most beautiful ways to connect.

Mothers and babies have a very deep connection.  You are a sacred birthing goddess that holds your baby and your body is made to grow, birth and feed a baby.  This is the beauty and miracle of being a mother.

Meditation, prayer or quieting the whirrs of life helps you connect with your inner wisdom, your deepest instincts and your highest self.  Your self awareness deepens and you are filled with peace in a calm, soft and hazy way.  You’ll feel your heart growing and deepening for the love you’ve already fallen for…

There’s beauty in being alone and connecting like this…

Such an intimate start will help to bring about a joyful and wonderful pregnancy and birth, setting the stage for a healthy relationship between you and your baby.

It won’t come easy to all and some mama’s won’t be able to bond or connect until they have their baby snuggled in their arms.  It’s okay, you will still love your baby just as much as every mother does, but try and acknowledge your feelings and maybe put pen to paper and journal about it.  If meditation or being still doesn’t work for you then try listening to music, dancing, praying or signing lullabies to your little one. These can alter your state of being.

Creating a soft ambience and creating your sacred space and time will really set you in the mood.  Everyone needs their own sacred space where they can go and relax and make it their own.  It doesn’t have to be a big space, just a little corner somewhere where you can step in and let go. Candles flickering in background, soft music playing with cushions scattered around will make it feel soft and cozy.


The art of meditation or being still doesn’t have to be long, a few long moments is a good start, but try and build it up gradually increasing your time as days go by.  The more you practice this at home, the more you can take it with you when you give birth. This will help you relax during labour, which will in turn make birth easier and joyful.

Sit down comfortably, close your eyes and then set your intention.  Say to yourself, this is my time to relax with my baby and really feel that as you breathe in…  Exhale anything not serving you. When you next inhale, breathe deeply into your belly, repeating it again.

As you breathe in and out and find your rhythm just start to feel and sense how important this breath will be in birth. Start to feel peace as your whole body relaxes. Start to really let go and see your heart opening like a beautiful ball of sunshine and expand it out. Feel your body sinking into that blissful and hazy state. Send beautiful messages to your baby and send your baby love.

Visualization techniques and affirmations are powerful too.  You could maybe visualize surrounding your baby in a blanket of white light, of love and peace.  Affirm your love.  Let the love flood all over your body and down to your baby, it is who you are and all that you are.

Give thanks to your baby for coming to you and choosing you and celebrate that you and your baby are perfect in this moment. You may well feel your baby responds by kicking you or moving. When you are ready, slowly return to the present.

To find out more about meditation, connection and breathing during birth we run Breath To A Better Birth classes every month, in London.  We also offer one to ones too.  Connect with me to find out more or visit the website