11 Top Tips on surviving morning sickness

Morning sickness is very common in early pregnancy and affects about two thirds of pregnant mums ranging from mild dizziness to full-blown nausea and throwing up all day.

For most women, the symptoms usually begin before they’re 9 weeks pregnant, around 6 weeks after their last period.  It should normally ease as your pregnancy progresses and it won’t harm your baby.

It is thought that hormonal change in the first 12 weeks are probably one of the causes of morning.

Listen to your body and to what it’s telling you, you will cope much better and remember it’s because you’re growing a little life inside.

Here are 11 top tips on how to cope and survive morning sickness. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor if you have any serious conditions and are not sure of anything.

  1. Eating little but often
    Eating small frequent meals that are high in protein and low in fat along with carbohydrates such as bread rice and pasta etc.  Also having a snack eg. Crackers, Oatcakes, Granola bars right next to your bed when you get up helps a lot.
  2. Wear Comfortable clothes
    Wearing something comfy and loose with out restrictions around also helps.
  3. Eating Ginger
    Biscuits, cooked or whole and ginger tea has been known to help reduce nausea. Sipping ginger ale, or adding a slice of raw ginger to water or tea will also help sooth your stomach. Try different things to see what works for you.Ginger
  4. Get Plenty of Rest
    Get a good night sleep and if you have trouble sleeping, lavender is really effective – don’t be in hurry to get out of bed when you wake up. Take your time with no sudden movements! Nap during the day if possible.woman in bed
  5. Increasing Vitamin B6 and Iron, Zinc intake
    Up your Vitamin B6, its been known that it’s a lack of Vitamin B6 that’s contributes to morning sickness. Zinc is also highly recommended.  Foods that are really good and high in zinc are seeds, whole meal bread, small amounts of eggs, spinach etc.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids
    Drinking plenty of fluids is very important during pregnancy. Water, ginger tea, peppermint tea or ginger ale has been known to alleviate morning sickness.  Sip them little but often rather than drinking in large amounts.  Peppermint tea settles the stomach is also highly effective.
  7. Homeopathic Remedies & Acupuncture
    Consult a qualified practitioner for the homeopathy and acupuncture.
  8. Avoid certain types of food
    Avoid fatty/and or spicy foods along no matter how much you crave them!  This can really aggravate acid reflux as well.
  9. Odors and Scents
    Morning sickness is very much smell associated – weather it’s the less than pleasant whiff of the rubbish truck rumbling by or the scent of your co-worker, certain ugly smells can trigger an episode of unpleasant nausea.  The most effective scents to help combat these are lemon extract and rosemary. Try lemon drops, lemon extract in bottle or carrying a sprig of Rosemary in your bag.lemon
  10. Travel Sickness Bracelets
    Can be purchased at most Health Foods shop, Boots, Superdrug etc.
  11. Get help or support
    If it gets to a point when you can’t do much and just want to rest, then try and round up help from your family and friends.  Having support around you is so important, so gather them all around and rest up.

I hope some of the suggestions help you.  Let me know how you get on!


Images courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net